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Peace, Love & Planet is here to help!

I know it seems hard to believe but our kids will be returning to school before we know it and while we enjoy the last month of summer vacation, our administrators and principals have already begun to plan this coming years agenda.  One important calendar detail are school assemblies.  Now is the time to remind your coordinator to “please consider” hosting a Peace, Love & Planet assembly and bring environmental awareness to your school!

Our interns are busy finalizing school “Tool Kits” to assist schools implement sustainable energy and waste reduction efforts after assemblies and instill long term, environmentally friendly behaviors.  Additionally, we will be rolling out our “Be the Solution”  Reusable Water Bottle fundraiser to reinforce the importance of conservation while helping your group raise crucial funding.

Please take 2 minutes and forward our website information to your principal now, reminding them that environmental sustainability is important!  Thanks for your support!

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