Parties with Panche

Make an impact on your guests, not the planet, this summer by using compostable products!

Michigan Green Safe ProductsI realize hosting a party takes a lot of preparation and sometimes using “reusable” dinnerware is simply not an option.  Here is a great alternative; earth friendly, sugarcane, compostable, plates, utensils, cups, napkins and trash bags.

Michigan Green Safe Products! 

Coupon Code 1331

Yep, that’s right, compostable products, are a better alternative to the typical plastic (or worse styrofoam) versions.  Products are produced with “renewable” sugarcane which decompose quickly.  Unlike it’s counterparts, plastic or styrofoam, which will take anywhere from  80-NEVER years to degrade depending on materials.

Naturally, buying from a local small businesses is an added bonus.  And now, MI Green Safe Products will donate 5% of your purchase to Peace, Love & Planet!  Remember to add COUPON CODE 1331.  So forgettabout shopping at Costco.  Go online, shop any time from the comfort of your home while being environmentally conscience.  Don’t forget to throw in a case of TP (made from recycled paper).

*Pricing is VERY comparable including shipping!

MI Green Safe earth friendly products are made from renewable resources and recycled material. They carry a variety of biodegradable cold/hot cups, biodegradable plates, compostable utensils, PLA carry-out food containers, recycled paper products(TOILET PAPER), biodegradable bags and environmentally safe cleaning and laundry agents.

Thanks for your continued support and interest in a cleaner, greener future for our children!


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