Recycle Review

School is in session and it’s time to re-examine your school recycling program.  The key to success is communication! To help out, I’ve created a checklist and provide some recycle signs you can download. The key is to make it easy.

  1. Double check with the recycle company now to confirm acceptable materials.  *Guidelines periodically change.  Look at the recycle dumpster in the school parking lot and download guidelines from company website. SOCCRA example
  2. Talk to your principal, custodians, noon aides and Green Team captains to ensure they are supportive of recycling and agree to responsibilities.
  3. Use specific, obvious recycle bins in classrooms, cafeteria and commons areas.IMG_7266
  4. Print and share guidelines with staff. Creating your own sign, print this recycle sign or order heavy duty, waterproof stickers from Recycle Across America. Equally important is to remind students what “cannot” be recycled. Check out this “Cannot Recycle Sign“.
  5. Finally, recruit volunteers, set up recycling stations and train students to monitor during lunch dismissal.Help remind peers what “can and cannot” be recycled. See complete Back to school checklist here.

Send us some pic’s of your recycle stations!

Keep up the good work!


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