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Part 1: Why

Part 2: Trash

Part 3: Energy Efficiency

Part 4: Transportation

These engaging films identify Michigan specific environmental issues to help people understand personal contribution to global issues.  By providing, tangible “solutions” in a humorous manner we can motivate collective actions while nurturing appreciation for Earth’s resources.

At only 8 minutes in length each, videos can be utilized in multiple ways;  in schools during AM announcements, in a classroom setting with discussion, to launch new school initiatives or to celebrate national holidays such as America Recycles Day, Nov. 15th or Earth Day, April 22nd.  Research and development for this series was a huge, (albeit exciting), undertaking.  I would like to thank our collaborative partners -Jim Pearse , Marilyn Rollinger, Paul Sutherland, Stephen Newara, FPS student cast members and their supportive families, Farmington / Farmington Hills Education Foundation and Roxanne Mecham who’s tireless passion and commitment to protecting our planet continues to inspire me.

Please share with your friends, neighbors, family and strangers!  Thank you for watching, sharing and committing to be part of the solution!


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