Water Bottle Filling Stations

Looking for an effortless way to reduce plastic waste while also saving money? Ditch the disposable plastic water bottles by installing a water bottle filling station! Water bottle filling stations offer a ‘sensible, sustainable, and healthy way to drink more water’. Did you know that plastic water bottles take anywhere from 400 to 1,000 years to decompose? Water bottle filling stations help reduce the use of plastic water bottles, thereby reducing waste and keepiimagesng them out of our landfills! These filling stations offer a display screen that tracks of how many plastic bottles have been avoided by using the station. This is a cool way to visually represent the positive environmental impact!

Not only can these stations save the environment by reducing needless consumption of natural resources but they also help save money! Disposable plastic water bottles can cost up to 1,000 times more than tap water! See how much money can be saved by switching to a more sustainable solution.

If saving the environment and money sounds good to you, check out BeCause Water!  Peace Love Planet recently partnered with them to offer discounted Elkay filling stations to schools.  Pricing is ~$300 off.  Order directly through BeCause Water and don’t forget to mention Peace, Love & Planet sent you!



BeCause Water works to reconnect communities to the value of water by specializing in drinking water access projects in schools, parks, offices, and health & wellness facilities. BeCause Water offers a full line of water filling stations, as well as custom orders (custom pricing for public schools!). Click here to learn more about their products, customer service, and FAQs

BeCause Water also offers reusable glass and stainless steel bottles perfect for school, work, camping, exercising and everywhere else between! These reusable bottles work perfectly with water bottle filling stations to save the environment one plastic bottle at a time.

If you think that a water bottle filling station would be a good fit for your school or office, check out their products and let PLP know!