About us

Who is Peace, Love & Planet?

Our mission: 
To nurture appreciation for our natural environment and its precious resources, resulting in meaningful behavior changes to achieve a healthy, sustainable planet for future generations.

About the creator, Gina Adams

A proud mother of two, I understand how busy we all are and that being “green” ranks low on the priority list.  However, I believe when people understand how individual actions impact the planet they will be motivated to incorporate simple solutions into everyday lifestyles to contribute to the greater good. By making conscious decisions to consume less, collectively we can make significant impacts to preserve Earth’s natural resources and reduce the damage caused during the extraction processes of raw minerals and energy.

Peace, Love & Planet is a means to proactively educate and promote global awareness. We work to educate the public on how to limit food waste and how to lower our economic footprint.  A society based on over consumption and convenience is not the example I want to set for our children.  Instead, let’s encourage conservation by actively engaging in sustainable lifestyles!  We can make significant positive change by contributing to a healthier, vibrant future for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, their children, etc…..

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