Cafeteria Consulting


Recycling is a simple thing everyone can do to help protect nature.  Your school cafeteria is a natural place to recycle, instilling life long, healthy habits.  With over 10 years of experience, we can help you implement a successful, comprehensive recycling program.

Our Services:

Make it easy to recycle.

  • Conduct Cafeteria Assessments – review recycling guidelines, improve sorting stations, signage and dismissal process
  • Facilitate Trash/Recycle Sorts – students collect data, examine waste and discuss solutions to inspire meaningful change
  • Coordinate Your Team – a successful program depends on the support and active participation of everyone, including: custodians, noon aides, nutrition staff, administration, and teachers
  • Student, Staff and Volunteer Training – education and understanding make recycling easy
  • Organize Student Monitoring – we can help develop a successful, sustainable program with the help of students and peer mentorship

The Benefits:

  • Significant increase in recycling rates via student involvement (and it helpDo's And Dont'ss noon staff!)
  • Improve student behavior and appreciation for natural resources
  • Cleaner cafeterias
  • Reduction in contamination in recycling and composting
  • Collect valuable data to illustrate economic and environmental benefits
  • Increase respect for food service and custodial staff
  • Nurture sustainability and healthy life choice decisions
  • Develop long-term, eco-friendly habits that compliment recycling practices in the home
  • Earn a point toward your Michigan Green School certification!

Starting at $150.