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Our goal is to promote conservation of Earth’s resources, leading to a vibrant, healthy planet for future generations!

By providing your organization with free, informative tool kits, you can now easily implement sustainable initiatives at your school (or home or business).  Nurturing responsible behaviors in children today will develop environmentally-conscious citizens for future generations.

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School Resources

Whether you want to start a recycling program, reduce cafeteria waste, or spearhead a Green Team, we are here to help.  Here is a great place to review step-by-step Tool Kits to get the process started.  Keep in mind that every organization will have its own challenges. We have conducted school visits, led our own teams and initiated a waste-free cafeteria program.  With plenty of trials and tribulations, we hope to help set you off on the right foot!  We will continue to post new ideas throughout the year and encourage you to share your own successes (and hurdles).  GET STARTED

What Can I Do?

Frequently, people ask, “What can I do to help protect the planet?”  The simple answer is, “plenty!”  And we are here to help you incorporate actions into your existing lifestyle that will make the greatest impact with the least amount of effort.  The single most important thing anyone can do is make conscious decisions to consume less.  Less fuel, less energy and believe it or not, less meat.  For tips check this out.  LEARN MORE

“Be The Solution” Water Filling Stations & Reusable Water Bottle Fundraiser





Introducing our new partnership with BeCause Water! BeCause Water connects communities to the value of water by providing access to sustainable water solutions in schools, parks, offices and more. Want to learn more about PLP’s partnership with BeCause Water and how you can make a difference? TAKE A PEEK

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