Be the Solution Workshop

Based on student focus groups conducted in 2012, teenagers revealed feeling helpless when faced with the magnitude of global climate change and environmental degradation. This inspired PLP to produce “Be the Solution,” a series of environmental mini films that help students understand the importance of personal responsibility and how collective actions do make a BIG difference. Invite PLP to your class to host a one hour program, where students will explore how personal actions impact the planet. The focus is on tangible, Michigan-specific issues, and simple, “kid-specific solutions” to incorporate into one’s existing, hectic lifestyle. Student awareness about the critical issues our beautiful state faces is heightened by analyzing resource extraction, production, transportation, consumption and disposal of goods.

be the solution

The “Be the Solution” feature film “Why” helps nurture understanding about the importance of personal action and the impact of collective actions! We will examine commercialism and its contribution to wastefulness while scrutinizing behavioral norms. Our goal is to encourage environmentally conscientious choices for leading a sustainable lifestyle. Program concludes by inspiring student activism and promoting exciting career opportunities in STEM.

Target Grades: 6-12. Films are available for all to watch for FREE on Youtube at “Be the Solution.”


Be the Solution Workshop (Grades 8-12)
$5/student. We are happy to accommodate larger groups for a flat fee of $150.

  • 50-minute engaging discussion to foster environmental stewardship
  • “Be the Solution” Part 1: “Why” film to help develop a deeper understanding how consumption habits impact the planet and the detrimental consequences of resource extraction
  • Peace, Love & Planet post-assembly newsletter for families
    *Additional travel expenses may apply for schools outside of metro Detroit