Student websites



Greening forward was founded by Charles Ogden.  I’m not sure how he has time to do homework, because this site is full of wonderful videos and kids engaging in a spectrum of environmental projects.




Interested in calculating your contribution to climate change AND discovering solutions? My friend Kristy and her students recently recommended this awesome website.  This site has a huge selection of calculators from home energy, paper consumption, automotive CO2 emissions to tips on green living.  All on one page.  Check it out!

Nature SpeaksNew Twist on nature appreciation.  Produced by Conservation International. Voices from our favorite actors and actress give natures perspective on humans.

Rainforest- Why people need trees

Nature Speaks

Redwoods Speak

Water Speaks

Oceans Speak

Soil Speaks




Think Twice. Be the Solution.

Think Twice. Be the Solution.



This brilliant claymation Youtube by Think Twice video says it all in 30 seconds. Take a look.




Awesome teen website featuring engaged teens.


Check out the Earth Savers Club  featuring amazing kids doing amazing things.





eek-o-world – Fun interactive website for kids


EcoKids – is a fun interactive website for kids


EEK – Eek! This electronic magazine is for kids in grades 4-8. Surf around and learn more about the great outdoors


Welcome to Recycle City! –  There’s lots to do here – people and places to visit and plenty of ways to explore how the city’s residents recycle, reduce, and reuse waste.


EPA – Environmental Protection Agency