Fundraising Solutions

“Be the Solution”  Water Bottle Filling Stations

Water bottle filling stations offer a ‘sensible, sustainable, and healthy way to drink more water’. Filling stations such as these help reduce the use of plastic water bottles, thereby keeping them out of our landfills! Not only can these stations save the environment, but they also help save money! Disposable plastic water bottles can be costly- see how much money can be saved by switching to a more sustainable solution.

BeCause Water offers a full line of water filling stations, as well as custom orders (custom pricing for public schools!). Water bottle filling stations are perfect for schools, offices, parks, and any other public place. Click here to learn more about their products, customer service, and FAQs

If you’re looking for personalized hydration on the go, BeCause Water also offers reusable glass and stainless steel bottles perfect for school, work, camping, exercising and everywhere else between.

If you purchased or intend to purchase either a water bottle filling station or a reusable water bottle from BeCause water, please contact PLP