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“Be the Solution”

Created especially for teenagers, each of these 5-minute films feature a Michigan-specific environmental issue and provide “solutions” on how YOU can help! From landfills to air pollution to water consumption, there is a long road to making Michigan truly “green,” but by incorporating eco-friendly actions into our daily lives, together we can make a BIG difference!  All it takes are simple shifts in behavior, such as recycling, no idling, and choosing reusable rather than disposable water bottles.

With these films and your collective actions, we hope to educate and empower a new generation of environmentally-conscious youth who understand the importance of respecting and preserving our ecology.  The tools to make a difference are in your hands, but it’s up to you to use them. Will you BE THE SOLUTION?


Where does all our trash go when we throw it away and how long does it stay there? How much trash is piling up each day? And how can we help reduce how much we waste? Part Two: “Trash” answers these questions and more – on location to a Michigan landfill and a recycling center, and shows how small changes like using recyclable containers and reusable water bottles can really add up!

Why is Michigan in trouble and why is it important to act now? “Why?” introduces some of the major obstacles Michigan faces, such as air and water pollution, over-consumption of resources, and loss of biodiversity.

Why is producing energy so damaging to the environment? Part Three: “Energy” visits a local oil processing plant to explain the harmful effects of greenhouse gases and oil extraction. We learn how small, individual actions like turning off the lights and unplugging electronics can have a huge impact.

How much of Michigan’s air pollution comes just from our cars’ carbon emissions? One of the things we love about our state is its auto industry, but because our cars cause so much pollution we should be even more responsible with our driving habits – for example, we can carpool, slow down to use less fuel, and avoid idling.

Show “Be the Solution” to your students and create a culture of ec0-minded youth.  If you would like assistance bringing sustainable initiatives to your school, please call us to schedule a workshop.  Finally, if you enjoy these films and would like to support an awesome nonprofit, please consider a nominal tax deductible donation. We are a 100% volunteer organization and your contributions keep us afloat! DONATE HERE