Waste-Free Lunch Progam


Waste-free “know-how’s”

Foster life long habits.

Conserve nature resources by packing waste-free.   

Eco-friendly choices everyday will significantly:

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce waste
  • Provide better, nutritious lunches
  • Conserve natural resources



Avoid “single-use” packaging and juice boxes

Interested in initiating waste-free lunches in your cafeteria?

  1. Start by getting “buy-in” from your principal, noon aides, custodian and PTA
  2. Check out the tool kits below for helpful tips
  3. Host a Cafeteria Sort and help your students understand materials and the importance of conserving natural resources.  Want help? See PLP Program Details
  4. Make it fun!  Have your Green Team conduct a skit for the school to help get your message out!  Have kids monitor collection bins to help peers.