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Thank you for your interest in participating in a PLP program.  Please fill out the following to help us get started organizing your event and email to: plp_gina@me.com.

1.   Name of organization: ___________________

2.   Event address: ___________________

3.   City/Zip: ___________________

4.   Contact name: ___________________

5.   Email: ___________________

6.   Main telephone #: _______________  Contact #: _______________

7.   #of expected participants: _______________

8.   Would you like a craft?  Y or N         Additional $1/child fee required.

9.   Requested date of event: _______________  Optional date: _______________

10. Time of event: _______________

Workshops are 50 minutes. If you are scheduling a Cafeteria Trash Sort, please list lunch period times. Or, if this is an event, please list duration of time.


11. How did you hear about our program?



12. Please list any special details or needs of program:



www.PeaceLoveandPlanet.org               Contact: Gina Adams-Levy               plp_gina@me. com