Meet the Cast

PLP is proud to introduce the awesome cast of upcoming mini-series, Be the Solution! All of these fabulous actors volunteered their time and energy to make this series happen, and it wouldn’t have been possible without them. Now it’s your chance to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the cast & crew of Be the Solution.


Be the Solution Cast & Crew

Olivia Rollinger


“I grew up in a household where being green and thinking about sustainability  were always an important part of our lives. I was so happy to do this movie series because it gave me the opportunity to bring awareness to others about something I truly care about.”




Heba Afaneh

Heba 2“Be the Solution has opened my eyes in many ways. For example, why we need to become a waste free community, as well as very easy changes in our lifestyle to do so. Helping the environment and changing our habits isn’t hard!”




Mia Herd


“I’ve never realized how much of an impact I can make on our planet until I started this film, and I’m very grateful to have been a part of this amazing cast. This was a great first film experience and it’ll stay in my little green heart forever.”




Jacob Rollinger

JacobRollinger“I took the time to participate in this film series because I care about protecting Michigan’s natural beauty. It is my hope that the students who see these films will be inspired to also care, and to do the right thing. Now I am heading to Grand Valley State University, where sustainability is a priority, to begin my college studies.”




Jordan Treger 

JordanTregger“I am entering my senior year of high school at North Farmington. I enjoy acting and being a member of the high school swim team. And just like in Be The Solution, I’d like to be an announcer/MC during swim meets, but that’d be a bit tricky with my face in in the water.”




Jordan Sheatzey

JordanSheatzley“As a senior at North Farmington High School, I have been involved in theatre and on stage since I was 7. Being a part of the Be The Solution film series was a great new way to experience a new way of performing as well as allowing me to reach out to my community and express the importance of making environmentally safe and conscientious decisions!”



Samantha Cannon


“Now an 11th grader at Harrison, I have grown up doing multiple show productions since as early as I could talk and walk. Be The Solution has given me a great opportunity towards expanding my acting skills on a whole other level, and has taught me how I can give back to the community.”




Thomas Wooden







Nick Serfa

NickSerfa“Going into junior year at Harrison High School, theater is a hobby that I’ve been doing since middle school and lets me just have fun, learn new skills, and get involved with many positive things. Be The Solution let me get into a different element of performing which let me reach out to the community in a productive way.”




Marissa Rasak


“I’m a fun, outgoing sophomore at Farmington High School who loves to act, sing and swim.”





Paul Sutherland, Producer


“I’ve been making videos professionally for five years now, and making the “Be The Solution” series has definitely taught me some more environmentally responsible habits to live by.  I hope it inspires others with the same lessons I have learned.”




Gina Adams-Levy, PLP Founder and Screenwriter


“Be the Solution was inspired by my friend Marilyn when she asked me to refer an environmental film targeting teens.  Through my research I realized that although there are several films on this topic, they are depressing and lacked tangible solutions to truly motivate kids into action.  This project has been an amazing adventure.  Thanks to our fabulous team and their personal insight, these films cover serious topics with a humorous spin.  Most importantly, I hope they inspire healthy, eco-freindly choices.”




Michelle Rosen, Web Developer & Marketing Manager







Jessica Getschem, Sound







Brian Roberson, Sound