“Be the Solution” Film Series Details

BE THE SOLUTIONIn collaboration with Farmington Public School (FPS) students and producer Paul Sutherland, we are developing a series of five minute, environmental enrichment films entitled “Be the Solution”.  Each film will focus on a single issue, such as landfills and explore related environmental concerns.  By developing an understanding of resource consumption, young people will be inspired to make responsible choices.  For aspiring teens wanting to contribute on a larger scale, the films will also feature exciting career paths in the emerging green economy.

The first three films will be ready by September 2013, in time to debut for the back to school season.  Upbeat and meaningful, these films will feature FPS students examining the principal ecological issues our beautiful state faces and discussing how environmentally sound choices at school and at home can collectively make a big impact!  All it takes are simple shifts in behavior. In the aggregate, individual actions like no idling or choosing reusable rather than disposable water bottles can lead to a monumental reduction in air, land and water pollution. By focusing on simple, youth oriented “solutions”, students will demonstrate how easy it is to show respect and care for our ecology.

Our goal is to create synergy with local businesses and foster development of a common mission: to improve the health and well being of our community by promoting sustainability.  Your support for this innovative, educational film series will help schools throughout Michigan achieve long lasting, positive change.  Please contact us to contribute to this innovative approach towards environmental education.  Entertaining and fresh, these films will impact thousands of children today and for generations to come!


Gina Adams-Levy

Founder, Peace,Love & Planet, Inc.

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