Food Stewardship Brings Numerous Benefits

Did you know 40% of cafeteria trash is food waste. While I am a huge supporter of recycling, it is very difficult to to manage due to food contamination. Besides, there are so many different types of packaging and materials it is very difficult to know what can and cannot go in the bin. On the other hand, food waste relies on the student and their choices. Focusing on healthy eating habits, share tables, portion choices and encouraging kids to save food for a snack after school is more manageable. It’s logical and most important, nurtures lifelong healthy eating habits.

Our programs are in full swing and we want to help your school feed hungry kids instead of landfills. We serve SE Michigan. Schedule your program today at

Thank you for checking in! I know that your informative assembly was a highlight for many of our students. One of the most exciting things for me is to hear the questions and conversations students have about recycling or ways to reduce their environmental impact. Our recycling is a bit messy right now but I know we have planted important seeds. I shared your contact information with my administrative colleagues.” 
Lead and learn,

Julie Bourke

NBCTPrincipal, Kerby ElementaryGrosse Pointe Public School System

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