Get Your Green On with Ecotelligent Homes

Saving energy has many benefits!
Eco Solutions – Intelligent Savings 
PLP is thrilled to partner with the energy expert Amanda Godward, Owner and Chief Energy Engineer of  Ecotelligent Homes.
Every homeowner, business and school can benefit from an Ecotelligent Home Energy Audit, that’s why The EPA recommends a professional energy assessment as the first step in improving efficiency and saving significant cash$.
And now, Ecotelligent Homes is excited to help students understand how everyday energy consumption habits impact the planet. Understanding Energy will help expand on students Math and Science classes with real world examples.  Hands on use of thermal infrared cameras will show heat transfer through condition and operating the blower door test is a fun way to find draft sources and understand convection.  Students will work through story problems to convert units and see how much energy a computer uses then relate that to how much energy their home is using with interactive modeling software.  See details.
Contact Ecotelligent Homes to schedule either an energy audit or classroom workshop. (248) 291-7815.

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