PLP celebrates “How to Recycle”

Probably many of you were not aware such a holiday existed?  Well, I never miss an opportunity to share my enthusiasm for saving the planet.

Today, Gill Elementary celebrated the importance of recycling.  We began the day by playing the attached “How to Recycle” video of kids teaching kids how to recycle.  Super fun. FYI- We are currently in the process of securing parent permission of students featured in video.  I just wanted to share this with friends. I will keep you posted.

“How To Recycle”  

At end of video entire school was encouraged to raise right hand and say America Recycle Pledge.  Then kids traced their handprint,to create a “leaf” and pledged one

new thing to recycle. These were added to our Recycling is Important Tree.  PLP donated “I love to Recycle” stickers to all 543 students.  During recess kids practiced identifying materials and sorting into proper recycling bin.  My overall objective was effective; to heighten awareness about the importance of conservation .

Kids were definitely interested in the concept of being green and participating in recycling.

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