Recycling Expanded at Last

Donate old bins to Farmington schools!

No one is more excited than me about the new expanded curbside recycling.  For residents living in Farmington, Farmington Hills, Novi, Southfield, Walled Lake, Wixom and South Lyon,  this means several things.  First of all, many residents gets new, large, single-stream containers.  This means you put ALL your recycling into the same bin (no sorting necessary).  Significantly reduce your trash by simply shifting your waste from the trash can into the recycle bin.  Your goal is to recycle more than you throw into a landfill.  Being less wasteful is essential for a sustainable future for all children.

Check out these guidelines for details about specific types of recyclable materials.  Curbside Guidelines

Secondly, the bins have wheels.  Making it easier to recycle.  Even your kids can do it!

Most importantly, we can now recycle #5 polypropylene!  This type of plastic is widely used as food storage containers; butter, yogurt, deli containers, sour cream, cottage cheese,  and  garden plastics.  Thanks to the 500 of you who signed our “Public Opinion Poll” in 2010, requesting #5 plastics be recycled, RRRASOC, (otherwise known as Recycle Authority), listened.  Plastics are a petroleum based product, are nonrenewable, do not decompose, and cause irrevocable damage to our Earth.  Plastic consumption is hard to avoid but throwing it into a landfill is not only wasteful, it’s environmentally irresponsible.

Finally,buy products with “recycled content”.  When given the choice, ALWAYS purchase products that are made from recycle materials, or contain “recycled content”, especially everyday goods like TP, paper towel and computer paper.  This dramatically reduces resource consumption and pollution.  Besides, it supports the industry toting your recyclables every week!

In order to resourcefully collect your old bins, you may donate the bins to Farmington Public Schools (FPS). The district will use these bins within the schools to promote environmentally beneficial behaviors, through the act of recycling. For your convenience, there are three main drop-off locations now through August.

FPS Facilities Building
29350 West Ten Mile Road
Farmington Hills, 48331

City of Farmington Hills
Public Works Building
27245 Halsted Road
Farmington Hills, 48331

Peace, Love & Planet
@ Farmington Farmer’s Market
(July 28th & August 25th – last Saturday of the month)
33113 Grand River Ave.
Farmington, 48336
(Grand River Road & Farmington Road)

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