What do bagels have to do with endangered animals?


Thumbprint pledges to be good recyclers to save forests and animals.

Not a whole lot, except that selling bagels on Earth Day morning is a fun way kick-off the day and promote awareness about endangered animals.  This is an opportunity to help make connections between  positive actions and the impact on nature.  Take recycling for instance, we prevent forest destruction caused during the extraction processes for raw, natural, resources and energy. Animals get to keep their homes, repopulate and stay off endangered species lists! And all proceeds can go towards “adopting an endangered animal”, one of the points for the Mi Green School certification. Make posters explaining cycle and have kids make a pledge to be good recyclers. IMG_4484

Here’s what the Nature Conservancy has to say about our Michigan forests- “When it comes to protecting water quality in the Great Lakes, healthy forests may be as close as we get to the silver bullet. They are nature’s own water purification system, absorbing pollutants and trapping sediment before they damage the lakes and the rivers that feed them.”

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