Bosch Backs Environmental Education

ReCommunityWe are super excited to announce Bosch Community Fund has awarded Peace, Love & Planet a $4,100 grant for the “Green As You Grow” program! The goal is to nurture environmental awareness in grades preK-12, where student Green Teams become key drivers in promoting, implementing and leading school environmental initiatives.  By reinforcing the importance of resource conservation and motivating environmentally responsible behaviors over the course of ones childhood, we nurture healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities.  Farmington Public School (FPS) is becoming an exemplary district leading the path in sustainable school practices.  “Green As You Grow” can be replicated by other districts who recognize the importance of creating eco-friendly school cultures.  Contact Gina Adams-Levy if your school would like a helping hand.  The Bosch grant has been allocated to fund field trips for 700 FPS seventh graders to visit ReCommunity’s recycle facility in the 2014/15 school year. Thank you Bosch Community Fund for supporting our community!

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