Go Green Grant Now Open

We are thrilled to launch Go Green Grants for student lead initiatives. This is the 5th consecutive year our nonprofit has funded amazing projects to support environmental activism. Please … [Read more...]

Go Green Grant ’18 Recipient Highlight

Congratulations to these Go Green Grant recipients and their awesome student lead initiatives!We received an overwhelming number of unique and impactful project submissions this year. It was a tough … [Read more...]

The Ravaging of Amazonia by The NYT

Vanessa Barbara wrote this article Aug. 24, 2019 on the current state of the Amazon Rainforest burnings. I observed the deforestation in Argentina over 20 years ago. It was truly one of the … [Read more...]

Go Green Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the 2018 recipients of our Go Green Grant! Three schools have been awarded $500 grant! They will install water bottle filling stations to provide an alternative to plastic water … [Read more...]

Oceans as Landfills?

Using our oceans as landfills is obviously a bad idea. It's pretty upsetting to think about the permanent consequences on marine life and on the world at large. So what can we do? First, understand … [Read more...]

Reduce Waist With Less Food Waste.

I had to share this insightful article from the New York Times. "How Much Food Do We Waste? Probably More Than You Think" by Somini Sengupta, 12/12/2017 Read Article This year, PLP turns it's … [Read more...]