Happy Holidays

snowman.jpgThanks to the generous support of members, Peace, Love & Planet reached over 4,700 children in 2013 and produced the nationally recognized, environmental film series “Be the Solution“.  The series will be featured this March at the Green Schools National Conference in Sacramento, California.

Promoting conservation of Earth’s resources to achieve a healthy, sustainable future for generations to come is a big undertaking and your thoughtful donations are instrumental to our success!  We understand as an individual or an organization you are frequently asked to give money.  As a 100% volunteer organization we want to assure you that your money is used wisely and every dollar is invested in children’s environmental education.  Check out our 2013 Annual Report and Financials for details.

This year we did not host a benefit.  However, if you would still like to help us continue our mission, please consider making a 2013 tax deductible contribution.  No amount is too small or too big!  DONATE NOW

Alternatively, consider donating frequent flier miles to help bring students to CA this March,  join our Kroger rewards program or refer our program to your local school.  Details here.

Thank you for your continued support!  Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy holiday!



2013 PLP Annual Report

2013 PLP Financials