Oceans as Landfills?

Using our oceans as landfills is obviously a bad idea. It’s pretty upsetting to think about the permanent consequences on marine life and on the world at large. So what can we do?

First, understand where the trash in our oceans comes from; the harvesting of resources.  Manufacturers are the leading contributors to waste, including meat production. American’s make up 3% of the population but consume 30% of earth’s resources. Although it’s hard to observe, this imbalance and demand is straining our society. So it seems logical, the simplest way to prevent polluting our oceans is to consume less. Incorporating the core tenets of reduce, reuse, recycle into daily choices has numerous positive impacts; including better diets, clean air and fresh water contributing to better health. I believe awareness can inspires families to take action.  I challenge you to do one new thing. For example, stay hydrated this summer using a reusable water bottle or reduce eating meat by one meal a week. Collectively we can be the solution.

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