Celebrate America Recycle Day Nov. 15th

America Recycles DayCelebrate America Recycles day this November 15th. Here are some essentials to make it obvious and easy! Entrust your Green Team to promote, educate and celebrate! Here are 5 simple steps:

  1. Check out the America Recycles Day website for ideas and to register. Apply this event towards your Michigan Green School point. https://americarecyclesday.org
  2. Print these signs on green paper and spread throughout the school. Print smaller signs and stick on items in cafeteria lunch line to point out what items can be recycled. Hallway signs America Recycles Day Sign signsCafeteria Recycle Cannot Recycle Sign Recycle 2015 Sign
  3. Have Green Team members write a script and present to classmates. The sillier the better but make sure they explain why recycling is important and show examples of what can and cannot be recycled. Download our script template to make it easy.Script Development
  4. Morning Announcements. Each morning begin with one green tip during announcements to remind student body and staff why recycling is important. Download this script AM ANNOUNCEMENT_Recycling Tip of the Day
  5. Monitor Cafeteria Waste Stations and help remind peers what can and

    Examining the waste helps inspire solutions.

    cannot be recycled. Double check recycle bins have signs with pictures. Hang signs at eye level. Partner with custodian. Download how to organize  Cafeteria Monitoring  Track Trash Assessment Recycle:Trash Assessment_SPREADSHEET

  6. Email teachers, custodians and noon aides communicating the activities planned for America Recycles Day. Download this sample letter to see ACTIVITIES. Check out this sample letter; America-Recycles-Day-Letter-to-Staff2-EXAMPLE
  1. Share results. Make a graph of trash versus recycling. Track totals by day or lunch period to show who was least wasteful! Announce and celebrate. I purchased this handheld scale for $14 make weighing easy.

Send me some pictures and share ideas! No need to reinvent the wheel. Good luck!