Go Green Grants Are Back!

Peace, Love & Planet is proud to offer $50-400 Mini Grants to student lead, environmental initiatives! Education and awareness campaigns are essential to preserving nature and conserving … [Read more...]

Cape Town Shower Songs Save

Cape Town banded together to conserve water by taking shorter showers. Check out how a group of talented influencers banded together to create 2 Minute Shower Songs, in two weeks, to challenge the … [Read more...]

Oceans as Landfills?

Using our oceans as landfills is obviously a bad idea. It's pretty upsetting to think about the permanent consequences on marine life and on the world at large. So what can we do? First, understand … [Read more...]

Feed Hungry Kids Not Landfills

Feeding hungry kids is a no brainer. No matter how many times you give them carrots, if they don't like them, they won't eat them. However, their friend might.  The FDA has approved Food Share Tables. … [Read more...]

Congratulations to PLP Grant Recipients

Congratulations 2018 Go Green Student Champions! We are thrilled to share this year's Go Green Grant recipients! Peace, Love & Planet is proud support student initiatives. We believe students … [Read more...]

Reduce Waist With Less Food Waste.

I had to share this insightful article from the New York Times. "How Much Food Do We Waste? Probably More Than You Think" by Somini Sengupta, 12/12/2017 Read Article This year, PLP turns it's … [Read more...]