Yet Another Reason to Stop Drinking Bottled Water

As if the wastefulness alone wasn't enough to convince people to stop using bottled water, do it for your teeth!  Until recently, I was unaware of the high acidity levels and lack of fluoride in … [Read more...]

Caring Community Debut’s with PLP

Thanks to producer Brian Robinson and host Ebony Bagley, Peace, Love & Planet was featured in their first episode of Community Cares! While I am clearly not cut out … [Read more...]

Rethink Your Drink with Water Bottle Filling Stations

Water bottle filling stations in schools are completely changing the way people consume and perceive water. According to, Elkay has saved 4,208,988,517 plastic bottles from waste … [Read more...]

Water Bottle Filling Stations

Looking for an effortless way to reduce plastic waste while also saving money? Ditch the disposable plastic water bottles by installing a water bottle filling station! Water bottle filling stations … [Read more...]

Composting has never been easier!

WHY COMPOST? Chew on this. The easiest, fastest and least expensive way to reduce your personal impact on global warming is to compost. Shocking, but true according to Rod Muir, Waste Diversion … [Read more...]

Waterford HS Wins Water Reduces Waste

Waterford Mott's Students for Environmental Action (SEA) team received a $400 Go Green Grant to install a water bottle filling station.  Reducing plastic bottle consumption by providing a healthy, … [Read more...]